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Point-3: Accounts Receivable

The ACCOUNTS PAYABLE module manages all receipts of invoices and credit notes, payments of debt to your suppliers and optionally links to liquor reporting and General Ledger.

All invoices are checked to ensure that you don't accidentally under pay, overpay, or pay twice.

Freight and Government charges can be included in the costings of the invoice and optionally disbursed between the items on the invoice for a true value of average cost.

It records all invoices you receive and because it is integrated with the stock module posts the stock received on those invoices, making the easiest stock receipts possible. Non stock receipts are also catered for.

While its main job is to receive invoices, credit notes and stock, it also has an important role in reporting.

The reports include invoices received, cheques printed, monies owed and monies spent this year against last year for each, and all suppliers.

The cheques printed report is available between any two dates and the invoices received is between any two dates with an additional choice to print in sequence of invoice date or entry date or payment date or invoice number.

History data is held indefinitely or until you choose to erase it. This allows you to view invoice totals and details and cheque payment numbers etc. for any time in the past.

Payment of invoices could not be easier as the outstanding invoices for each supplier are shown on screen with the option of tagging those you don't want to pay and/or changing the amount to pay and writing a cheque and/or remittance advice.

For businesses which do a large amount of product returns the ability to do this by using a PDE input is provided to speed up the process. As with other Point-3 modules there is a configuration screen with options to configure the operation to your needs. This configuration includes the set-up of your printing to the exact layout of your cheques if you use continuous stationery and selects the default method of receiving invoices.

You have the choice of allocating each supplier to 7day, 30day or cash terms and no matter which it is there is NO END OF PERIOD procedure to be forced into. All period information is intelligently managed by Point-3, relieving you of the end of month panic which would otherwise prevail.

On screen history is available to display this years purchases against last years and show aged outstanding debts.

If you run the General Ledger module when you receive an invoice you can disburse values to as many GL Codes as you wish, including an automatic disbursment for freight, and an automatic disbursement for GST for New Zealand users.

On completion of receiving an invoice you have the option of printing -

  • a list of items received by stock code - for proving that you entered the data correctly.
  • a list of items received by sales code, with retail prices - to help those who pack the goods on the shelves.
  • a list of goods received which have changed in price since they were last received, giving recommended selling prices to maintain the same margin and reported margin if the price is not changed.

Other options include the ability to print labels, check and change selling prices while receiving goods, and creating new Stock and PLU items while receiving an invoice.