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Point of Sale Solutions

Point-3 POS for Restaurants and Cafe's

The Point-3 POS is inovative software for a modern restaurants and cafe's.

Point-3 POS is your restaurant and cafe management tool.

Here are some of its features:

  • Ochre-Restaurant-05-400Graphical Table Layout
  • Display of current table status on table layouts
  • Fast Table Operation
  • Pizza Delivery Module
  • Drive Through Module
  • Track Patrons Seat Number (Track, print, and pay by seat)
  • Reservations and Names on Tables
  • Hold and Fire/Bistro Mode where multiple orders paid individually on a table are only sent to the kitchen as a single order
  • Join Tables or Transfer Tables or Transfer Part (various items) of a Table to another
  • Easy Split sale payments
  • Easy Part Payments Frequent Shopper Rewards
  • Unlimited free text functions for special orders
  • Forced Modifiers for cooking instructions and sauces
  • Extensive kitchen printing facilities
  • Print to Kitchen Entree's as Mains or Mains as Entrees
  • Enabled Kitchen Printer advanced printing options. Customer orders printed to the Kitchen have a larger, easier to read format in optional colours
  • Ochre-Restaurant-02-400Kitchen printer backup options
  • Links with Kitchen Video Monitors Systems
  • Easy setup of items and menus
  • Unlimited number of menus
  • Quickly Changeable menus - Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Pictures on Buttons
  • Any size buttons
  • Cocktails explained on screen or printed
  • Count down Items for specials (sold out alert function)
  • Automatic Happy Hour
  • Automatic holiday surcharge (to liquor licensing specifications)
  • Built in Debtors Module
  • Frequent Shopper local or on the internet
  • Extensive Frequent Shopper facilities
  • V.I.P. facilities (Sales offer ie. your 10th coffee is free)
  • Extensive 'Offers' system
  • Fits on any resolution touch screen
  • Split Items and/or Bills with multiple EFTPOS payments or account
  • Change Payment Type after a sale
  • Links to Room charge systems.
  • Wrist band or mag swipe access for clerks
  • Hand Held order entry available.
  • Extensive Reports
  • Extensive Clerk control and reporting
  • Full Stock control module available
  • Scanning included
  • Low training time

    Special Features

    Frequent Shopper


    Frequent Shopper facilities are included so you can track your customers buying habits and/or reward them for their loyalty.

    Fast Operation

    Speed of operation and ease of use have been paramount when designing this module more than any other, and it shows. Training is reduced to a minimum and simplicity of use is obvious from the outset.


    Comprehensive setup screens allow you to configure the system to your particular requirements and each operator can be given or prevented access to sensitive areas of sale.

    Which Terminals

    For compatibility it has been designed to operate on a range of Touch Screens and POS Terminals.

    Additional Information