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Point of Sale Solutions

Nexa NC-1200 Scanner

Nexa-NC-1200-Scanner-300The Nexa NC-1200 is a high performance distance CCD scanner. The Nexa NC-1200 has been drop tested to a length to withstand 1.5 meter drops and with its advanced features the Nexa NC-1200 can scan-read down to a 3mm barcode label. This low base cost scanner has been very popular with retail outlets and warehouse environments. The Nexa NC-1200 scanner is only available in black and comes with a hands free stand and is available in RS232, USB and PS/2 interfaces.

Key Features include

  • Uses a 32bit CPU which allows it to scan extremely fast
  • 270 scans per second CCD scan engine with no moving parts for long life
  • Drop tested to 1.5 meters
  • Supports RS232 serial, USB and PS/2 interfaces
  • Hands free mode with included stand


Honeywell Voyager BT9535 Wireless Laser Scanner

Honeywell-Voyager-BT9535-Wireless-Laser-Scanner-300The Honeywell Voyager BT9535 wireless laser scanner is designed for low to medium business applications such as Point of Sale (POS) or light warehouse operations where the convenience of a wireless hand held laser scanner in required. CASPOSS has had many clients using the Voyager BT9535 where their POS or cash register is on another counter away from the front counter. The Honeywell Voyager BT9535 is available in RS232 Serial, USB and PS/2 interfaces. Available in black or white colours.

Key Features include

  • 10 meter line of sigh range
  • Rangegate memory feature, allows the storage of scanned barcodes into memory when the scanner is out range
  • Wall mountable
  • Included base station and charger


Honeywell MS7120 Orbit Laser Scanner

Honeywell-MS7120-Orbit-Laser-Scanner-300The Honeywell MS2170 Orbit scanner is an aggressive omni-directional laser barcode scanner, because if its lightweight and ruggedized casing even small in size it is big in preformance.

Key Features include

  • Fully automatic laser scanning operation
  • Small footprint
  • 20 line scan pattern
  • 1200 scans per second
  • Adjustable scanning face
  • Reads and decodes all standard 1D, RSS-14, RSS Limited and RSS expandable barcodes
  • Supports RS232 serial, USB and PS/2 interfaces
  • JPOS and OPOS compatable
  • Easy to program using Metroselect or Metroset Windows software
  • Wall mount bracket