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Honeywell Voyager BT9535 Wireless Laser Scanner

Honeywell-Voyager-BT9535-Wireless-Laser-Scanner-300The Honeywell Voyager BT9535 wireless laser scanner is designed for low to medium business applications such as Point of Sale (POS) or light warehouse operations where the convenience of a wireless hand held laser scanner in required. CASPOSS has had many clients using the Voyager BT9535 where their POS or cash register is on another counter away from the front counter. The Honeywell Voyager BT9535 is available in RS232 Serial, USB and PS/2 interfaces. Available in black or white colours.

Key Features include

  • 10 meter line of sigh range
  • Rangegate memory feature, allows the storage of scanned barcodes into memory when the scanner is out range
  • Wall mountable
  • Included base station and charger



Honeywell-230Honeywell Limited has been providing solutions to business and industry in Australia since 1962. Honeywell employs over 1,200 staff across Australia and New Zealand. Worldwide Honeywell is leading the way in technology and manufacturing and specializes in many diversified industries such as POS, building, automotive and specialty materials and more. However in POS which is all that CASPOSS specializes in, the Honeywell products that we sell have served us well as extremely ruggedize devices.