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Point of Sale Solutions

Point-3: Stock Control

The stock module manages, records, and reports on all stock movements in, and out, manufacture or n-manufacture of items, shrinkage, and inter-store transfers.

It holds the records of each stock item and tracks everything that happens to each one of them thereafter.

Ample reports are available for, SALES by DOLLAR and QUANTITY and PROFIT, STOCK LEVELS and VALUE, REORDER INFORMATION, CHANGES MADE to ANY ITEM, RECEIPTS and the HISTORY of each product and each group of products. Graphs are also used to compare item sales history to stock on hand, making reordering and general review procedures very easy and very comprehensive.

It reports on all aspects that help you hold the right amount of stock, including overstocked and understocked items, and best and worst selling items with graphs to compare this years sales by the month with last years sales.

There is complete integration to other modules to allow for any common purpose such as receiving stock from the creditors invoice, and selling stock through the cash register or debtors modules, and ordering through the Purchase Order module.

It also manages all stocktake operations to show shrinkage and theft levels. This can be done by keyboard entry and/or PDE operation. For flexibility goods can be counted in purchase units or sales units or both. After the stocktake has been started you don't have to be complete it immediately. When you can't or don't want to enter the data immediately enter the count when you wish even while you receive and sell stock.

Stock control can be a large commitment, so included in the Utilities are routines for making it simpler. These include automatic calculation of reorder points, changing all group names in one step to a new name, choosing the cheapest supplier for each item, and removal of unused (no stock and no sales) stock items in one step.

PDE link is possible with most brands of PDE units to make stocktaking, ordering, and product returns a faster operation.

If you have multiple stores, viewing stock holdings and sales for any selected item is available and to make data entry simpler you can change details of a stock item in any store and send details to all or any other store/s.

Any outstanding orders can be listed on screen for each item.

Costs can be tracked in two or four decimal points.

Recipes are comprehensive, allowing for costing and manufacturing or dismantling your own products.

To maintain security, password control is included, as is data logging to record any changes made to critical information.