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Tech Talk #2 - No print/image printed on paper roll



A). Just like your typical EFTPOS machine, Casio Cash Registers load their paper the exact same way. As it shows in the diagram the paper roll must sit with the paper coming from the bottom of the roll not from over the top.

B). Another reason is becoming more of an issue is that many customers are updating their old cash registers (non thermal printer versions) to the new cash registers of today that have the new Thermal Printer Mechanisms. If you load the old version cash register paper rolls that are not thermal, you can very easily damage your new cash register and no doubt there will be no printing/image on the paper roll

Remedy for Error (E001)

No-Print-On-Paper-Roll-Diagram-300A). Install Thermal paper roll correctly as shown in diagram and make sure that the upper arm of the printer is closed correctly and firmly.

B). Install the correct type of paper roll. Refer to your manual or contact CASPOSS if unsure.