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Tech Talk #1 - E001 Wrong Mode Error

Reason for Error (E001).

E001-Wrong-Mode-Error-300In all cases this error appears when the mode keys "The ignition keys" have been turned during a sale or the most common reason is that an operator has turned the keys to the X position to carry out a report and have not returned the key back to the REG position after the report had been completed. When the operator attempts to make a sale/transaction and when they press any payment button the error will appear.

Remedy for Error (E001).

If during a sale, turn the key back to the REG position and finalize the sale/transaction. If this has not fixed/removed the error, then turn the keys to the X position and press the SUBTOTAL button. Then turn the keys back to REG position.

This error applies to all SE – TE – TK Casio Cash Registers.