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Point of Sale Solutions

Point-3: Accounts Payable

The Purchase Orders module is responsible for the ordering of stock and keeping track of those orders until they are fulfilled or deleted from the system. For minimum data entry it is integrated into the Stock and Accounts Payable modules.

The customer database contains basic information such as name, trading address, postal address, phone, fax, etc. but to gain some additional information on source and worth of categories of customer, extra information is stored. These fields can be used as required to list sales from an area of town or from each sales representative or type of customer, etc.

Point-3 is unique in that it will link to the CASIO SA1000 register for debtor transactions as well as produce invoices at the computer and on demand will add all sales together so that statements can be produced at the PC.

Not only can the register and PC work simultaneously but new customers can be added at the register and the PC will recognise it as a new customer and posts all sales from it. The more usual use however is to enter the customer's details at the PC and send them to the register. This happens while the register trades and the operator knows no interruption while it updates.

The invoicing is flexible and easy to use while allowing three ways of creating an invoice. One is at the register, a second is the complete invoice of the computer and a third is a summary invoice at the computer to allow a previously written (external) invoice to be added to a customer statement. Any line of the computer invoice may be an item or comment so there is plenty of scope to produce a complete invoice.

Should you need to track the sales of items by serial number then the option is available to enter that number and at a later stage call up the invoice or invoices that that item was charged on.

The ability to recreate any invoice on screen or reprint it makes short work of tracking information that previously was stored in some hard to find filing system from last year, especially if the invoice is used to track serial numbers also.

A most impressive feature is the ability to run a TOTALLY OPEN SYSTEM. There is NO END OF PERIOD PROCEDURE WHATSOEVER. If you have run a standard accounting systems previously, you will be familiar with the problems or withholding invoices or payments from this period until the last period is rolled over - and we are pleased to say that it is now a thing of the past.

Due to some very innovative programming you can now write invoices for any month of the year or receive payments for any date and print statements for the prior month at any time. This flexibility removes restraints and gives great freedom in operating the system.

Graphs to track sales are used to make sales reporting simple and understandable. Graphs are available to show the sales for each month this financial year against each month of last financial year for each customer or all customers combined. Additionally you can select variance reports that show the difference in sales for each customer or all customers comparing each month this financial year with each month of the previous financial year.

Other reports include list of customers overdue, and customers who have or have not purchased a group of product for a period of time.

Banking is also made easy by the printing on demand of a banking deposit slip suitable to present direct to the bank, avoiding the necessity to write up any cheque list for deposit.

This module, as with other Point-3 modules contains a setup screen to configure it to operate with the parameters you require. These include options for preprinted stationery, five cent rounding, displaying warnings such as low stock, below cost, etc., printer ports for invoices/statements/reports and much more.

In short it is the easiest to use computer system we can create, and in addition to that it has the great flexibility of connecting to a modern POS terminal for debtor sales.